Saturday, December 6, 2014

The New Rig

I just wanted to lay down a little groove on the MVP2/Nautilus Mini combo I picked up Serenity Vapes my buddy Boston Rick would say, it's a wikkid frickin' pissa!

Instead of cycling 2, eGo style 900 mAh battery sticks all day and night the 2600 mAh MVP2 just keeps on keeping on and the adjustable airflow on the NM gives me the tightish draw I need that simulates smoking cigarettes. I find most tanks a little on the airy side
We cracked the MVP2 out of the box in the store, filled the tank and I was vaping on some smooth RY4 before I walked out the door. The battery charge indicator hasn't shown anything other than green and it hasn't had any of the tell tell signs of weakening that the pen style batteries do, i.e. having to lay down hard on the button and still starving for vapor.

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