Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Welcome & What's We Up To

-Mission Statement-

Vapin’ in the 501 is here to provide a forum for like minded individuals to share information concerning all aspects of the usage of electronic cigarettes and all related materials, consumables, and accessories from a consumers point of view.

-Disclosure Statement-

Although I do spend a great deal of time exchanging emails and talking on the phone with various vaping sources, I sell nothing nor do I have any professional affiliations with any manufacturers or retailers in the electronic cigarette or vapor industry. Vapin' in the 501 is 100% ad free.

-Our Ends to Our Means-

The ultimate Goal of Vapin' in the 501 is to share information and make connections that will benefit our group as a whole. If we reach our final destination in this journey with a few extra bucks in our pockets and a little less juice in our collective mouths, that's all the better.

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